Macaron Things

At room temperature, our macaron shells start to get a crunch to them after about a day.  To avoid this, keep your macarons in the fridge and they’ll stay delicious for 3-5 days.  To preserve them for even longer, put them in an airtight container (or wrap your box in saran wrap) and they’ll remain delicious for months!

They’re going to be ready to eat in 15 minutes, if you can wait that long!  Note that Salted Caramel and any other seasonal flavors that might have caramel could take an extra 10 minutes or so.

Yes -  all of our macarons are made using almond flour and we sometimes have other nuts in some of our macarons.

Almost always Yes.  Most of our macarons are filled with buttercream, ganache or caramel, all of which contain dairy.  From time to time, however, we do offer dairy free macarons! Check our Macaron Flavors page for more details. 

Most of our macarons are gluten-free, however some do contain gluten and are identified on our Macaron Flavors page. If you're ever unsure, please send us a message at 

Our kitchen is located within the City of Kirkland, WA at 11332 120th Ave NE #119, Kirkland WA 98033.

Other Things

We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest, tastiest macarons you’ll find anywhere in the country.  To do this, we only ship via Fedex 2-day Air and we our packaging includes ice packs, insulated bubble mailers, sealed bags and insulation.  With all of those things considered, we don’t make money on shipping and merely pass on the direct costs.

Custom orders are any macaron flavor, size, decoration, or color that is listed as a ‘Past Flavor’ on our Macarons page or is not listed.

We are currently unable to offer delivery, however, if you live within a 5ish mile radius of our Seattle or Kirkland shops, we do partner with UberEats, GrubHub and Caviar. We ship nationally. 

Not at this time. 

We LOVE partnering with local charities and companies. Please send your request to

If we have not addressed your questions, or you are looking for a custom creation or other magical request please send us a question at and we’ll be in touch!