Nutrition, Ingredients & Allergens

Our macarons are always baked with almond flour, and therefore, many are gluten-free! 

Common Allergens

All our classic macarons contain tree nuts, eggs, and dairy. Many of them may contain soy, wheat, or sesame. Our kitchen has various nuts present at all times and the risk of cross-contamination is high. If you have a high sensitivity to any types of nut, we sadly suggest you avoid our macarons 



All our macaron shells contain almond flour, egg whites, sugar, corn starch. In addition to our standard ingredients, Shindig contains fruity pebbles, S’mores contains graham cracker, Chocolate contains cocoa  powder, and espresso fudge contains espresso powder.



All our Classic macaron flavors contain dairy in some form. Occasionally, we make dairy-free flavors. All our macarons are filled with either buttercream, ganache, caramel, or a buttercream/jam/curd combo.  Buttercreams contain butter, eggs sugar, flavoring, spices. Caramel contains milk, butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup. Our ganaches are made with cream, chocolate, and flavorings.


Food Dyes

Shell colors are created using a gel food coloring. Vanilla, caramel, smores, oatmeal, chocolate, and espresso are food dye-free.