Two lady yum locations are officially nanowrimo 'come write in' locations. 

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). During this month, writers around the world challenge themselves to write 50,000 words in one month. Just get it out.   Lady Yum is proud to offer both Pioneer Square Seattle, and Bellevue Square locations for writers everywhere to come be inspired, comfy, and supported in this incredible feat. 

116 South Washington Street, Seattle, WA

Pioneer square 
lady Yum

Open 10am to 10 pm 
every day 
for you to settle in and write away. 

This Lady Yum features sumptuous seating, free WIFI, an espresso bar, champagne, wine and beer, macarons (of course), sweet and savory treats, and a bangin playlist. 
All in a part of Seattle saturated in history. 

Try the $5 special. 
1 glass of bubbly and 1 macaron.

This location is open to writers and authors the entire month of November. Everyday. All day.

please no outside food and drink.
575 Bellevue Square Space 256, 
Bellevue,  WA

 lady Yum at the bellevue collection

come write in hours are:
 10am to 9 pm 
Monday - Saturday
11am to 7pm

this write in location is open 
november 1-21st only. 

This Lady Yum features gorgeous atmosphere,  excellent people watching, free WIFI,  champagne, wine and fancy non-alc bevvies, macarons (of course),  and a bangin playlist. 

Try the $5 special. 
1 glass of bubbly and 1 macaron.

This location is open to writers and authors from november 1-21st, 
monday through thursday.

please no outside food and drink.

Have any Questions?

  1. Q When can I come write in ?
    A Bellevue Square is open as a Write In location from November 1-21. Hours are Mon-Sat 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-7pm Pioneer Square is open as a Write In loaction from November 1-30 everyday from 10am to 10pm
  2. Q Do you have wifi?
    A Yes! The Bellevue Collection has a guest wifi, and Pioneer Square has a private wifi. We have plenty of outlets for you to charge your phone as a hotspot too.
  3. Q Do I have to buy something to participate in the write in?
    A No purchase is necessary to use the Pioneer Square and Bellevue Square macaron parlors during the Write In. If you should need some sustenance, we have some for purchase including the most delish macarons, champagne, wine, fancy non-alcoholic bevvies, and the famous $5 special. Pioneer Square has delicious treats and an espresso bar. Please, no outside food or drink (besides your water bottle)
  4. Q What is this NaNoWriMo?
    A Oh, check it out at
  5. Q Are there any prompts or hosted activities??
    A Nope. This is unhosted. We just want to provide and inpsiring space for you. Look on the Nanowrimo Seattle Regions event calendar for any programs that pop up in our space for Nanowrimo.