Seasonal Flavor Pack - October

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Our October flavor box has 5 wonderful flavors that get us ready for the start of Fall. The October box is available in 10 and 15 pack sizes with 2 or 3 each of Ube, Black Magic, Pear Frangipane, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Gooey Butter Cake. Delicious!

  • Ube – Also known as purple yam, ube is a type of tuber that’s native to the Philippines, where it is frequently featured in dessert dishes. We make our own Halaya (ube jam) by mashing cooked ube and stirring it FOREVER with sweetened condensed milk and sugar.  Gluten free
  • Black Magic – Black Magic is our spin on the magic cookie bar, but we’ve replaced the graham cracker with activated charcoal, and added corn flakes to the coconut filling. It’s WILD and definitely worth a try.  Gluten Free
  • Pear Frangipane – Juicy pear with fragrant almond buttercream.  Gluten free
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte – A seasonal favorite.  Think Starbucks latte, in a macaron!  The perfect pairing. Gluten free
  • Gooey Butter Cake  – Gooey Butter Cake is a rich, tender cake crust topped with a sweet cream cheese layer that’s baked until golden. The filling of this macaron is stuffed with this deliciousness. It’s the after-school treat, we’ve been waiting for!  NOT Gluten free

All flavors are gluten free, except Gooey Butter Cake!

No substitutions, please. For custom combinations, please order the 'Build Your Own Box' product.