Lady Yum St Patrick's Day - Seasonal Packs

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Celebrate St Patrick's Day this year with our 10 and 15 packs, which include 2 or 3 pieces each of Pistachio, Pot of Gold, Apricot Honey Cardamom, Princess Cake and French Daisy.

  • Pistachio - Creamy pistachio buttercream that will sing the praises of a classic macaron flavor. You can believe it folks, it is back! We had in 2020 and it is here for one month only.
  • Pot of Gold - No fruit is more golden than a golden/yellow kiwi. The fruit is from New Zealand, with flavors resembling the taste of a pineapple and mango. 
  • Apricot Honey Cardamom - Juicy Apricot flavor with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cardamom in this buttercream to punch through the gray clouds.
  • Princess Cake is a classic Scandinavian Marzipan torte.  Our macaron incorporates its flavors of sponge cake, raspberry, vanilla, whipped cream and almond in this little gem.
  • French Daisy - Inspired by the cocktail. Rich blackcurrant with hints of elderflower and sparkling wine/cassis.

All flavors are gluten free!

No substitutions, please. For custom combinations, please order the 'Build Your Own Box' product.